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Brad’s High School Flashback and Getting Over Yourself

Reflections on cultivating a process-oriented competitive mindset… On June 1st, 2018, I was relaxing in my childhood bedroom in Woodland Hills, CA (In suburban Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley) before heading to the golf course for…


Reflections On Breaking A World Record In Speedgolf

A breathlessly enthusiastic account of breaking the record for the fastest single hole of golf ever played (minimum hole length of 500 yards) This show describes what I consider to be a miracle athletic performance, wherence…


Chris Kelly: How To Nourish, Balance, and Thrive

We’re discussing Chris Kelly’s journey from tech geek to mountain bike racer. Chris Kelly is the founder of the comprehensive health and peak performance testing and consultation service called NourishBalanceThrive. This is the absolute cutting edge…


Breather: Interesting Quotes With Brad’s Color Commentary

Let’s take a breather and talk quotes. Some topics and quotes that I offer color commentary on: Mark Manson, author of Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, offers great one-liners relating to the clever title…


Amanda Renteria: California Gubernatorial Candidate

Let’s go behind-the-scenes with California’s Gubernatorial Candidate, Amanda Renteria. One evening prior to 2018 election day, I discovered an intriguing YouTube video from an unlikely candidate for the Governorship of the great nation of California. A…


Battling Phone Addiction

Tips From A Medium.com Article By Clint Carter An article by Clint Carter offers insights from eight technology leaders about how to best manage our mobile devices to minimize stress and make life more productive and relaxing. Carter…


Andrew MacNaughton: Evolved Lifelong Peak Performer

Let’s dig into the impact of intuition on athletic performance and optimal decision making in training. Andrew is an evolved coach of endurance training and life, my longtime friend and triathlon mate from the pro circuit…


Dr. Wendy Walsh

Meet the 2017 Time Magazine co-Person of the Year and Get Spicy! Wendy blows into the Get Over Yourself Southern California studios (aka my old childhood bedroom) and leaves a vapor trail! What a wild and…


Deconstructing “The Ultimate Mark Sisson Interview”

Enjoy some reflection inspired by my lengthy conversation with Mark Sisson. This show features extensive color commentary and outright tangents on matters relating to the big themes of Mark’s story. Of particular interest to peak performance…


The “Coconut Oil is Poison” BS

Perhaps you saw the headline stories about some Harvard professor calling out coconut oil as “pure poison?” Her ridiculous lecture sound bites were seized upon by the modern media machine and turned into a salacious international…