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The Power Of Suggestion

Purchasing each of these products brings you one step closer to the actualization of your personal destiny. In life.

Male Optimization Formula
Fight back against testosterone deficiency with this potent Male Optimization Formula, Mofo! 10% off code = KEARNS
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BradBeat HRV

Monitor stress and recovery with Heart Rate Variability Technology on your smartphone!

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Dry Farm Wines

Drink clean, keto-friendly, dry farmed, chemical and sugar-free wines. Or don’t drink at all.

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Primal Kitchen

The healthiest condiments in the history of the planet.

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Become a Primal Health Coach
Brad is a co-founder of the program and Advisory Board member
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Almost Heaven Sauna
Enter ‘BradKearns’ in the order notes for a free accessories kit!

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Cutting-edge genetic testing to help you customize your diet and fitness approach

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Best tasting hot beverage ever—goldenmilk superfood tea. Try other great organic superfood products
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Super clean keto supplements. Buy 1, get another for 40% off and free shipping, with code BRAD40
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Adaptogenic Calm

Take lots during period of stress, like jet travel or heavy training blocks. It really works!
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The most powerful and resilient blender available, for far less than a Vitamix.
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Polar H7 Chest Transmitter
Wireless Bluetooth-enabled chest transmitter, for pairing with BradBeat HRV App
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Joovv Red Light Therapy
Red light exposure to rejuvenate cellular energy, speed recovery, and improve skin
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Nourish Balance Thrive
Comprehensive peak performance testing and expert consulting
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Chest Freezer For Cold Plunge
15 cubic foot nice and roomy, delivered for free to your door!

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Amazon Shopping
Click here to being shopping on amazon and support the podcast

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Iris Tech
Blue light blocking software for computer screen with numerous customization options. Save 10%
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Comprehensive Online Multimedia Mastery Courses

Brad hosts your step-by-step transformation

21 Day Primal Reset

Mastery Course

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Primal Endurance

Mastery Course

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Keto Reset

Mastery Course

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Brad only features products he really uses and loves, and thinks you will too!

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