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Robb Wolf: Healthy Rebellion, Lift More Weights — Eat More Protein, And Dialing Up The BS Meter

Robb Wolf is on fire! The Paleo movement founding father shows why he is one of the true thought leaders of modern times with an assortment of breakthrough insights and aggressive challenges to stuff that ain’t…


Dr. Paul Saladino: Kicking Ass At A Higher Level And Avoiding “Inexorable Decline To Decrepitude”

Dr. Paul, carnivore diet leader, author of The Carnivore Code, host of the Fundamental Health podcast, is back for show #3!  As regular listeners know, Paul makes an extremely compelling argument for a nutrient-dense, nose-to-tail, animal-based…


Eric Frohardt: Taking the Easy Route Up Mt. Denali, Overcoming Long Odds By Not Giving Up, and Other Navy SEAL insights

What an amazing journey Eric has been on, tackling incredible challenges with minimal preparation or specific skill sets, but armed with an incredible mindset of positivity and resilience.  Let’s go backstage into the world of the…


Expert Insights, Part 3: Health Optimization

(Breather) This episode is full of life-changing insights from an assortment of experts on the subject of health optimization and biohacking.  Sure, we all already know about the importance of building healthy habits, but taking it…


Expert Insights, Part 2: Trying To Change Others

(Breather) Can you truly change others? And what is the price you pay for trying to do so? What if there was an easier way of dealing with that desire we all have to change the…


Zach Bitter: 100-Mile World Record

I welcome my friend Zach Bitter to the show to talk about all things related to peak performance and endurance. Zach is the host of the Human Performance Outliers podcast and is definitely honoring the show…


Expert Insights, Part 1: Love, Relationships, and Parenting

(Breather) Today, I’ll be sharing some amazingly effective and extremely thought-provoking insights about interpersonal relationships from true experts in their field. From parenting to friendship to how to deal with your partner on days when you…


A Circadian Rhythm 24-Hour Tour, Inspired by Dr. Jack Kruse Insights, Part 2

(Breather) In this show, on the heels of the 21 insights around the circadian clock, you’ll learn just how destructive excess artificial light is to your health and your overnight restoration, and you’ll also gain a…


A Circadian Rhythm 24-Hour Tour, Inspired by Dr. Jack Kruse Insights, Part 1

(Breather) This show covers an incredibly rich and informative article on dealing with how our circadian clock affects our hormone function and all aspects of our biology. We’ll travel around the 24-hour clock and enjoy…


MOFO Mission #10: Don’t Be A Dick!

(Breather) Last but certainly not least, MOFO Mission assignment #10 is perhaps the most compelling of them all: quit being a dick to your partner! Romantic relationships have quite a big effect on hormone levels, and…