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Listener Q&A – Endurance Training, Carnivore Diet Experimentation, and Being Strategic About Helping Others

(Breather) Enjoy some really thoughtful questions from listeners on an incredible variety of topics relating to healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle.  In this breather show, you’ll hear a little bit of my amateur attempt at an…


Cameron Rogers: Making Anxiety Your “Secret Weapon,” And Transitioning From Wall Street To Health Coach

Enjoy this interesting interview from popular health coach and Instagram sensation, the Freckled Foodie, aka Cameron Rogers! After working on Wall Street in Sales & Trading for 5 years, Cameron had a life-altering moment and decided…


Brad’s Quick and Actionable Healthy Lifestyle Tips

(Breather) This is a great show to share with a friend or loved one to get going on a healthier path without getting too deep into the weeds on the various health topics that are covered…


William Shewfelt #4: Protein-to-Energy Ratio For Fat Loss And The Benefits Of Being A Generalist With Disparate Peak Performance Goals

William Shewfelt returns to the show for a historic fourth time to discuss the hot topic of losing excess body fat quickly and efficiently. William has locked into a highly effective strategy that is working for…


Expert Insights, Part 3: Health Optimization

(Breather) This episode is full of life-changing insights from an assortment of experts on the subject of health optimization and biohacking.  Sure, we all already know about the importance of building healthy habits, but taking it…


Jonathon Aslay: Better Dating Through Cultivating Self-Love And Healing Childhood Trauma

Get ready for a fast-moving show that will offer you a brand-new perspective on dating, self-worth, and self-love. In this episode, Jonathon Aslay reveals why dating itself can trigger our deepest fears, shares the 4 Pillars…


Expert Insights, Part 2: Trying To Change Others

(Breather) Can you truly change others? And what is the price you pay for trying to do so? What if there was an easier way of dealing with that desire we all have to change the…


Zach Bitter: 100-Mile World Record

I welcome my friend Zach Bitter to the show to talk about all things related to peak performance and endurance. Zach is the host of the Human Performance Outliers podcast and is definitely honoring the show…


Expert Insights, Part 1: Love, Relationships, and Parenting

(Breather) Today, I’ll be sharing some amazingly effective and extremely thought-provoking insights about interpersonal relationships from true experts in their field. From parenting to friendship to how to deal with your partner on days when you…


Kate Ouellette-Cretsinger: Cycling 225 Miles With No Food And Discovering The Healing Powers Of The Carnivore Diet

Get ready for an incredible story from K84 Wellness podcast host and nutrition coach Kate Ouellette-Cretsinger from Peterborough, NH. Kate will talk about her long journey into diet optimization, which started with a lifetime of suffering…