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Chris Kelly: Exploring Evolutionary Disconnects in WEIRD Modern Life

Get ready for a journey into our ancestral past! Today, I’m talking to Chris Kelly about the way we bond and socialize as humans and our genetic expectations for health. In this episode, you’ll finally learn…


Predicting The Future Of Health and Fitness, And 9 Tips To Transform Your Life in 2021, Part 3

(Breather)Did you know that the health risks associated with loneliness are about the same as the risks associated with obesity?  Yes, that’s right, it’s not just your emotional well-being that is affected by your social interactions…


Nick Symmonds: The Athletepreneur Journey From Olympic Running to Run Gum

“I want you to develop a taste for winning,” says Nick Symmonds, one of a kind athlete, YouTube sensation, and two-time Olympian.  Nick has forged his own interesting path from a modest and unlikely athletic beginning…


Predicting The Future Of Health and Fitness, And 9 Tips To Transform Your Life in 2021, Part 2

(Breather)This episode will pick up where we left off and continue to look into the future of health and fitness, with a focus on workplace and career dynamics and exercising discipline with technology use. Here are…


Dan Millman: Way Of the Peaceful Warrior

What an incredible honor to welcome the author of perhaps my favorite book of all time,  Way Of The Peaceful Warrior. This book, originally published in 1988, became an international bestseller in 29 languages, a feature…


Predicting The Future Of Health and Fitness, And 9 Tips To Transform Your Life in 2021, Part 1

(Breather) Happy new year and welcome to the newly renamed, B.rad podcast!  For the first show of 2021, I’ll be sharing predictions of what’s hot, what’s coming on strong, and how we can sort through all…


A New Name! The B.Rad Podcast (And My Commitment To Deliver The Most Intentional And Impactful Programming)

On this momentous day, I hereby re-christen this show as the B.Rad podcast! Why change the name after nearly 250 awesome shows? Why not, when my name is a double entendre and wonderfully in alignment with…


Dr. Wendy Walsh: Healing Attachment Wounds For Successful Dating and Relationships

Get ready for another fast-moving, hard-hitting show with Dr. Wendy Walsh! Dr. Wendy is back for a third appearance to break down all the reasons why healing attachment wounds is integral to a healthy and successful…


Listener Q&A -MOFO Supplementation, Building a Healthier Metabolism with More Movement, Fat Adapted Endurance Training, HIIT vs HIRT, and Combining Micro workouts with Full Workouts

(Breather) Enjoy insights on a variety of topics during this breather show, including: the best time to supplement with MOFO and detox reaction considerations; second-guessing the concept of caloric efficiency to introduce the concept of moving…


Eric Frohardt: Taking the Easy Route Up Mt. Denali, Overcoming Long Odds By Not Giving Up, and Other Navy SEAL insights

What an amazing journey Eric has been on, tackling incredible challenges with minimal preparation or specific skill sets, but armed with an incredible mindset of positivity and resilience.  Let’s go backstage into the world of the…