I travel into the beautiful Pacific Northwest summertime to visit a true powerhouse of health knowledge and Internet broadcasting, Mike Mutzel of High Intensity Health.

Check out his YouTube Channel and you will experience a stunning library of cutting-edge health content, including interviews with the world’s leading experts in functional medicine, ketogenic eating, athletic performance, and health science. Amazingly, Mike can totally hang stride for stride with his guests that often discuss advanced scientific content—including the popular shows with his chiropractor wife Deanna. Subscribe to the channel and you are getting a college level educt in the health sciences. 

Mike does a beautiful job weaving some hard-core science into a user-friendly discussion regardless of your level of health expertise. Mike talks his background pursuing a high-level competitive cycling career in Boulder, CO, then getting an epiphany after a serious accident and concussion that he might be better suited as a health educator than a pro rider! After running up against uninformed doctors in his supplement sales job, he started interviewing experts in keto and other progressive health topics, acquiring an impressive content library that progressed to his amazing YouTube channel today. Yes, Mike travels the globe on our behalf capturing exceptionally high-quality video footage of his expert guests. He has plunged so deep into this that he even has a training course teaching you how to produce quality videos! 

Mike clears up the major misconceptions about keto, especially the mistaken notion that keto is about stuffing your face with fat. Instead, we learn how keto is intended to mimic the health and metabolic benefits of fasting, how ketones are both a superior fuel source and a high potency genetic signaling molecule with profound anti-inflammatory benefits. We get a basic introduction to the world of functional medicine, where the emphasis is not on disease prevention or treatment per western medicine, but on promoting peak function in a holistic manner. This entails looking upstream at the causes of dysfunction instead of treating the symptoms. For example, a 50-ish male with low testosterone can commence a hormone replacement regimen, but if deficiencies and adverse lifestyle practices are present, Mike speculates that you are likely converting testosterone into estrogen. Supplement with more T and you will make more estrogen and get “man boobs.” 

Mike ends with a surprising emphasis on the practice of mouth taping to facilitate optimal evening sleep by breathing through your nose. Breathing through your mouth while you sleep is no bueno, as the tongue can often obstruct your airway and limit oxygen supply to the brain. Nose breathing, both at night and during the daytime, stimulates parasympathetic activity (the “rest and digest” component of the autonomic nervous system).


How did Mike’s Youtube business get started? [00:06:27]

There is a lot of confusion about the Ketogenic diet.  [00:12:21]

Off to Boulder to become a bike racer. What happened? [00:17:15]

Hopefully, functional medicine is changing the way medicine is practiced. [00:26:02]

Keto is a cleaner burning fuel that produces less oxidative stress inflammation than glucose. [00:33:46]

Ketones are necessary to free fatty acids. [00:35:27]

The liver has tons of metabolic function. [00:38:49]

Very few people have a deficiency of body fat.  [00:42:12]

It’s not that sugar is always bad and fat is always good. [00:50:13]

Is the approach to Keto different in someone who is very fit and with no excess body weight and in someone who has metabolic damage and excess body fat. [00:50:43]

What is it about taping your mouth shut when you sleep? [00:55:38]

Functional medicine sees things on a spectrum.  [00:57:25]


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