Let’s take a breather and get to the heart of the matter.

I go off on interesting tangents en route to asking you some important life questions out of Tim Ferriss’s personal journal, as communicated by an excellent article on forbes.com by Benjamin Hardy. Ferriss is going great things with his podcasts, helping us with personal improvement and self-reflection, and landing A-list celebrities that serve to advance the podcast medium in general. For example, Ferriss recently had LeBron James and his trainer on the show, and that started a tangent about how lame it is that LeBron still thinks an egg white omelet is a winner’s meal. Yes, the King and his trainer concur that this is a winning move. Weird because a couple of summers ago there was a big to-do about LeBron going keto to drop some body fat. I guess he’s back to the golden land of egg whites. He also mentioned stretching as the key to his longevity and injury prevention, which I also call into question as outdated.  

After torching LeBron a bit and discussing how egg yolks are super nutritious, I mention how the Framingham Study and much more emerging science has refuted the decades-long egg yolk/cholesterol scare, and how the true risks for heart disease—oxidation and inflammation are caused by high carbohydrate, high insulin eating patterns, chronic exercise, insufficient sleep, and general overly stressful lifestyle patterns. Then I get to the centerpiece of this show, Hardy’s article about Ferriss’s journaling exercises. The article describes how Ferriss’s recent early midlife crisis/reflection time led him to journal important questions for all of us to ask ourselves about the direction and purpose of our lives. Along the way, I give another plug for my daily morning cold plunge, explaining how making this ritual a habit helps build focus and resilience in other areas of life (hopefully including disciplined use of technology!). This show may inspire you to start journaling to sort things out and empty your brain of clutter. Please play along and ask yourself the questions that Ferriss did.  


Brad talks about hearing a podcast by Tim Ferris with some disappointing insights on LeBron James. [00:02:06]  

The Framingham study refutes myths we have heard about eggs and fats and heart disease. [00:02:58]  

The best tracker for heart disease risk is to look at the blood triglyceride levels to HDL ratio. [00:05:00]   

Getting your triglycerides under 100 and HDL over 40 is a good goal. A ratio of one to one is best. [00:06:25]  

It’s a good way to ask yourself some of these important questions from Tim Ferriss’s journal. [00:09:33]  

Were my goals my own or simply what I thought I should want? [00:13:15]  

How much of life have I missed from under planning or over planning? [00:13:51]  

How can I be kinder to myself? [00:15:00]  

How can I get better at saying “no?” [00:16:05]  

How can I best reassess my life, my priority, my view of the world, my place in the world, and my trajectory in the world? [00:18:43]  

What would this look like if it were easy?  [00:20:08]  


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