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Why consume aimlessly when Brad has done the hard work for you? Each of these products has been rigorously tested and proclaimed to be highly awesome and suitable for your enjoyment and lifestyle optimization. Every time you click you come closer to self-enlightenment.

Male Optimization Formula
Fight back against testosterone deficiency with this potent Male Optimization Formula with Organs, MOFO! Sourced from 100% grassfed New Zealand cattle, designed to naturally boost your internal testosterone production and enhance dietary nutrient density. Use this 10% off code: KEARNS
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Brad's Macadamia Masterpiece
Mind-blowing, life-changing exotic nut butter blend with macadamia, walnut, cashew, coconut butter, cacao nibs, and MCT oil. The ultimate nutritious quick snack or treat. Buy 3, get one 1 free and get 10% off with code: BRAD10
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Dry Farm Wines
Drink clean, keto-friendly, dry farmed, chemical and sugar-free wines from traditional European dry vineyards. Or don’t drink at all.
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RA Optics Eyewear
Fashionable and premium quality blue-light blocking eyewear. Prescription pairs available too! 15% discount with code: “Brad”
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Primal Kitchen
The healthiest condiments in the history of the planet: avocado oil-based mayonaisse, salad dressings, and exotic sauces. Collagen and other performance supplements too.
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Become a Primal Health Coach
Change your life, invest in yourself, help others be their best! Comprehensive online educational course with numerous business building resources and ongoing support and education. Brad is a co-founder of the program and Advisory Board member.
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Almost Heaven Sauna
Fabulous home-use hot dry saunas for the ultimate hormonal boost and relaxation experience. Easy to assemble, authentic Finnish style. If you can’t find Brad, he’s doing pushups and squats in his Almost Heaven sauna! Enter ‘BradKearns’ in the order notes for a free accessories kit!
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Cutting-edge genetic testing to help you customize your diet and fitness approach. Take the guesswork out of your nutrition choices, training strategy and lifestyle optimization efforts. Simple mail-in test and comprehensive pdf report with all your genetic particulars.
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Organifi Superfoods
Complete line of whole food, organic, superfood supplements and blends to boost dietary nutrient density. The Organifi Gold–a tumeric and reishi infused goldenmilk tea–is simply the best tasting hot beverage ever. Visit link or use code BRADKEARNS for 15% off!
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The cleanest and purest ketone supplements and snacks, developed by Dr. Anthony Gustin. Great education and product support. Go keto the right way! Buy 1, get another for 40% off and free shipping, with code BRAD40
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Adaptogenic Calm
Phosphatidylserine (PS) has been proven in hundreds of studies to mute the cortisol spike in the bloodstream in response to stressful modern life. Fantastic for periods of jet travel or heavy training. High potency ingredients promote calming and fast recovery. It really works!
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The Iron Neck!
Improve neck and spine mobility, injury prevention, and pain relief. Mandatory for MOFO’s and weekend warrior! Get 10% off with code GOY10
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Let's Get Checked
Comprehensive at-home health & wellness tests. Don’t hassle a lab visit! Order the exact tests you want, easy mail-in samples and quick results turnaround online. Enjoy 20% off any tests with code: BRAD
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Joovv Red Light Therapy
Red light exposure to rejuvenate cellular energy, speed recovery, and improve skin health. Relax with a 10-minute session under the red lights and improve mitochondrial function. Choose from numerous models conveniently hung off door. Free gift using code: BRAD
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Nourish Balance Thrive
Comprehensive peak performance testing and expert consulting. Take the free 7-minute health assessment quiz at and see how their expert staff can help you optimize performance, recovery, and disease protection.
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The amazing CARdiovascular Optimized Logic artificial intelligence powered stationary bike. Eight-minute workout with brief, high intensity sprint efforts to get fit and burn fat without the fatigue and burnout of prolonged, exhausting workouts. Save $300 with code BradKearns300.
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Iris Tech
Blue light blocking software for computer screen with numerous customization options. Save 10%
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Filter the noise, not the sound with these acoustic filters. 15% off with code BRAD15.
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Vuori Sportswear
Fashionable, comfortable, and incredibly functional performance apparel inspired by the SoCal lifestyle. 20% discount with the code: BRAD
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Polar H7 Chest Transmitter
Wireless Bluetooth-enabled chest transmitter, for pairing with BradBeat HRV App
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BradBeat HRV

Monitor stress and recovery with Heart Rate Variability Technology on your smartphone!

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Chest Freezer For Cold Plunge
15 cubic foot nice and roomy, delivered for free to your door!
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The most powerful and resilient blender available, for far less than a Vitamix. Push the smoothie button and it does all the work with no hassles!
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